Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp for New Admins

Trailhead Academy is offering Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp for New Admins at the special price of $199 per learner (regular price $900).  Course Overview: Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp for New Admins is a blended, prescriptive, expert-led course that gives attendees a 30-day plan to learn what they need to be awesome Salesforce Administrators, and fast tracks them… Read More

Creating Custom Tabs for Lightning Web Components

Create a Lightning web component and add it as a custom tab in the App Launcher and navigation menu. Create a new Lightning web component: Name: myComponent Add a lightning-card to myComponent: Title: Hello Add a lightning-button to the Hello lightning-card (Note: make sure the button lives in the “actions” slot): Label: New Add a footer paragraph to… Read More

Record Page Component Visibility Rules Based on Device

Cloud Kicks has a requirement to make the recommendation component visible on a Sales Rep’s desktop. Build out a custom Lightning account page. Create a new Lightning page: Page type: Record Page Label: Account Page Object: Account Template: Clone Salesforce Default Page > Account Grouped View Default Add the Recommendations component to the page you created Add a visibility filter on… Read More

Work with the Lightning Map Component and Apex Inherited Sharing

This is the hands on challenge from the Platform Developer 1 Winter 19 Certification Maintenance. UtilityClass public inherited sharing class UtilityClass { public static List<sObject> queryObjects(String theObject, List<String> theFields, List<String> theFilters, String sortField, String sortOrder) { String theQuery = ‘SELECT ‘ + string.join(theFields, ‘,’); theQuery += ‘ FROM ‘ + theObject; boolean firstFilter = true;… Read More