Salesforce Platform App Builder Spring’18 Release Exam

How can an App Builder add a Flow to the Action menu on a Lighting record page?

A) Using an Object-specific Action
B) Using a Global Action
C) Using a Lightning component
D) Using an Auto-launched Flow

Answer: A

Which object now triggers a Process Builder and Workflow Rule?

A) Orders
B) Topics
C) Campaigns
D) Assets

Answer: B

What is a new feature in Lightning Experience added to Reports and Dashboards in this release?

A) Joined Reports
B) Matrix Reports
C) Subscribe to Reports
D) Subscribe to Dashboard
E) Row limit filters on Dashboards

Answer: B

Which data protection functionality does the Individual object provide?

A) Personal Information packaging
B) Personal Information deletion
C) Data Privacy Protection
D) Data Privacy Preferences

Answer: D

Which new standard feature should an App Builder use to collect Sales team feedback about a new Lightning page layout?

A) Survey Lightning component
B) Survey Visualforce page
C) Survey Email Alert
D) Survey Quick Action

Answer: A

Salesforce Platform App Builder Winter ’18 Release Exam

How can a App Builder add a Flow-based Customer Survey in a Customer Community?

A) Create a Visualforce page with an embedded Flow
B) Add a Flow Component to a Community page
C) Create a Login Flow for Community Users
D) Add a Flow Quick Action to the page layout

Answer: B

How can an App Builder reference a Queue in the Lightning Process Builder?

A) Build a process on Queue that finds and changes the owner
B) Add a Lookup(Queue) field to the Case and set the Owner to the Queue
C) Use the Queue Label
D) Update Records Action Type and a value of the Queue Name

Answer: D

In which way have Lightning Bar Chart Dashboard components been enhanced?

A) Line Charts can have up to four measures
B) Donut Charts can have up to four measures
C) Pie Charts can have up to four measures
D) Horizontal Bar Charts can have up to four measures

Answer: D

How can an App Builder implement File privacy on records in Lightning Experience?

A) Add file privacy feature on Content Deliveries setting
B) Add the file privacy permission to a Permission Set
C) Enable private file settings from Salesforce Files setting
D) Add the file privacy on Records field to the Files page layout

Answer: D

How can an App Builder configure a Lightning Page so that a Page component only displays for Accounts in Europe?

A) Add a component that only supports dynamic display
B) Set the component visibility by Profile and Record Type
C) Add filter conditions and logic to the component properties
D) Add a component to a new page layout for Eurpoean Accounts

Answer: C

Salesforce Platform App Builder Summer ’17 Release Exam

Which tool will help the consultant see if APEX or Visualforce code is running an out-of-date API version?

A) Lightning Experience Readiness Check
B) Health Check
C) Optimizer
D) Lightning Experience Migration Assistant

Answer: C

Which two components are supported when building Lightning pages with the Lighting App Builder?

A) Social View
B) Flows
C) Chatter Feed
D) Approval Panel

Answer: B, C

How can users see the change history of key fields in an object record?

A) Reporting Snapshot
B) Historical Trend Reporting
C) Setup Audit Trail
D) History related list with field tracking

Answer: D

What is a secure method of creating a single field from two encrypted fields?

A) Disable encryption on the two source fields, create a formula using & to concatenate, then re-enable encryption on the two source fields
B) Disable Shield Platform Encryption, create a formula using & to concatenate, then re-enable Shield Platform Encryption
C) Create a custom formula field referencing the two encrypted fields using & to concatenate
D) Create the two source fields, using a formula with & to concatenate, populate the data into the two source fields, then encrypt the source fields

Answer: C

What happens to an automated notification email generated by a process if another process subsequently modifies the same record?

A) The email is suppressed
B) The email is queued and may send depending on the secondary process
C) The email is sent twice
D) The email is sent

Answer: A

Salesforce Platform App Builder Spring ’17 Release Exam

1.  What two of the following are supported actions for the Global Actions Menu? Choose 2 answers

A. Launch a custom Canvas App

B. Launch a custom Lightning Component

C. Post to a Chatter feed

D. Upload a new Chatter file

Answer: A & B

2. What Lightning Experience feature allows Salesforce users to modify existing records without opening them?

A. Inline editing in List Views

B. Editable Reports

C. Global Actions

D. The edit option in the Favourites menu

Answer: A

3. What three options are available for assigning access to Lightning Pages using Lightning App Builder? Choose 3 answers

A. App, record type, profile

B. Profile and permission sets

C. Role and subordinates

D. App default

E. The org default

Answer: A, D, E

4. How can an App Builder determine whether the features and customizations made in an org are Lightning ready?

A. Download the Lightning Experience Audit Tool from AppExchange

B. Use the Lightning Experience Readiness Toolkit in Workbench

C. Implement the Salesforce Lightning Design System in a sandbox

D. Launch the Lightning Experience Readiness Check from All Setup

Answer: D

5. How can an App Builder share Favourites with other Salesforce users?

A. Favourites Settings under My Personal Information

B. Sharing can only be performed by users with System Administrator rights

C. Favourites can’t be shared with other users

D. Share link in the Favourites drop-down menu

Answer: C