Four takeaways from Salesforce World Tour Toronto

This was the first year I couldn’t attend the Salesforce World Tour Toronto event, such a pity 👎

If you were able to attend the event, let me know what your favourite parts were.

Here is a link to recap the four key takeaways from the Toronto World Tour:


Blog Posts

Previously I would post about the maintenance exams. Since they have moved to Trailhead, I feel they are no longer needed.

If you find yourself still needing assistance feel free to shoot me a message and I will try to assist where possible. I keep up on my maintenance exams so I might be able to provide insight.

If there is anything you would like to see more posts of just let me know and I will do my best to publish more if those topics.


TechCanary Aquisition

As I’m sure you’ve probably heard already that TechCanary was acquired by Applied Systems.

When I first heard of this acquisition, I thought it was strange. If anyone was going to buy TechCanary, I thought for sure it would have been Salesforce so they could beef up Salesforce for the insurance industry, as TechCanary has perfected that space.

You can read more about the aquisition here.

Not sure how I feel about this but I’m eager to see how things will play out down the road as our company uses both Applied and Salesforce. 😊

Sales Cloud: Account and Contact Management

Salesforce supports all of the following Social integration with Accounts, Contacts and Leads except?

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Klout
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Twitter

As a Sales Cloud consultant, how would you advise an end user trying to relate 120 subsidiaries to an existing account?

  1. Add the accounts using [Related Accounts] related list on Parent Account
  2. Add the accounts using the [Parent Account] field on each subsidiary account
  3. Use Data Loader to create / update all subsidiary Accounts
  4. Use the mass re-parent option in Salesforce
  5. Use the Account Hierarchy viewer page

Your customer reports an issue that the Parent Account field is not available to be added onto the Page Layout. What could be the reason for this behavior?

  1. Account Hierarchy is not enabled in Account Settings
  2. Account Hierarchy is not enabled in Organization Settings
  3. Person Accounts are enabled
  4. Forecasting is enabled
  5. The user editing the layout does not have access to the field

You have enabled Social features on Leads. Which of the following determines the amount of Facebook data a user can see in Salesforce, for a particular lead?

  1. Depends on each Salesforce user’s Profile settings
  2. Depends on the business Facebook account of the org / company
  3. Depends on each Salesforce user’s Facebook account
  4. Depends on the Facebook connector settings
  5. Depends on the Lead record sharing settings

You are drawn into a meeting with the Security review team, and are questions about the proposal to roll out Social contacts feature in Salesforce. Which of the following is true in terms of setting up user access to the social features?

  1. Social network credentials are stored in encrypted format at Org level
  2. Social network credentials are stored in encrypted format at User level
  3. Only social network usernames are stored at Org level
  4. Only social network usernames are stored at user level
  5. Social network credentials are not saved anywhere in Salesforce

What are the methods available to enrich and update account, contact and lead records using

  1. Select records and fields manually to clean and update blank information
  2. Select records from a list view to clean and update blank information
  3. Utilize an automated job to clean records
  4. Select records from a list view to clean, updating blank information for a group of records is not possible

You have a customer who is keen on implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, by leveraging the Lightning Experience UI. Which of the following considerations would you ask him to make, with respect to enabling Social Account, Contact, Leads feature in the Lightning Experience UI?

  1. Social Accounts, Contacts, Leads are not available
  2. Social Accounts, Contacts, Leads are available only for Twitter
  3. Social Accounts, Contacts, Leads are available only for Facebook
  4. Social Accounts, Contacts, Leads are available only for Accounts
  5. Social Accounts, Contacts, Leads are available only for Contacts

Your organization has decided to disable access to social media networks from the office network. What would be the impact to the Social accounts, contacts and leads features in Salesforce?

  1. No impact. Social details are retrieved from Salesforce servers
  2. Partial impact. Only cached social data from past retrieval is shown
  3. No social data will be loaded
  4. Salesforce hides social icons, if social network is not accessible

Survey Co is conducting a survey for households and individuals, they would like one survey to be complete on behalf of the household with the residents details being recorded and linked to the household, they would also like to conduct a single sample survey of one or two members of the household but have their details separate. Person Accounts has been suggested to manage the two types of surveys. Which of the following should be considered before enabling Person Accounts?

  1. Person Accounts can be merged with Accounts
  2. Person Accounts cannot be disabled
  3. Person Accounts cannot have relationships with contacts
  4. Person Accounts can have relationships with contacts
  5. Person Accounts are supported by Duplicate Management

As a Sales Cloud Consultant, what feature of Salesforce would you enable to help Sales Representatives prepare a head for business meetings, using publicly available insights about the Account and Contact?

  1. Social Accounts, Contacts, Leads
  2. Social Connector
  3. AppExchange connectors for Social Networks
  4. Steaming API
  5. Social Listening & Social Studio

Universal Containers operate in US and UK geographies. It would like their sales rep to view and edit only Account records pertaining to their geography. In addition, Universal Containers also want every user to be able to edit any activity record under an account that they can see. Which amongst the following describes the right level of access to address this need?

  1. Sharing default for Account as Public Read Only. Activity as Public Read/Write
  2. Sharing default for Account as Private. Activity as Public Read/Write
  3. Sharing default for Account as Public Read Only, with Account Sharing Rules. Activity as Controlled by Parent
  4. Sharing default for Account as Private, with Account Sharing Rules. Activity as Controlled by Parent
  5. None of the above

Your organization has multiple business account record types. After enabling Person Accounts, how can you ensure that one group of users can only create business accounts and another can create business accounts or person accounts?

  1. Create a profile for each user group. Assign the [Create Person Accounts] permission to one of the profiles
  2. Assign the person account record type to the profile that requires person accounts
  3. Once enabled, person account creation is controlled by the object permissions on the account object
  4. Person Account creation is controlled by user settings

You are attempting to upload 50 contact records into Salesforce, all of which belong to the same Account. To ensure all contacts are associated with the Account, what object would you upload the data into; and what is the key piece of information needed int he upload file?

  1. Contact object, Account ID
  2. Contact object, Account Name
  3. Account object, Contact ID
  4. Account object, Contact Name
  5. Contact Role Object, Account ID

Person Accounts have been enabled in your organization. A user complains to you that not all his converted Leads are visible in the Person account list view. What could be the reason for this behavior?

  1. There is an error in the Lead conversion mapping
  2. Some leads had the Company field populated
  3. Leads are always converted to a Business Account Contacts
  4. [Convert to Business Account] checkbox was ticked for some Leads

Universal Containers has found that sales reps are wasting a lot of time trying to contact leads and even existing customers because of outdated contact information. They are considering using How could it assist in this situation? Choose 3 answers

  1. Ability to review from a list view, which accounts, contacts or leads have incomplete or outdated information compared to
  2. Ability to select individual fields tracked in to add or update information in Salesforce
  3. Ability to select all fields tracked in to add and update information in Salesforce
  4. Ability to update data with Salesforce data if it is believed it is more accurate

You are implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud for a company with global sales operations. They also have equally large global customers who have offices across the world. In this scenario, what data model would you recommend in terms of defining their customer accounts?

  1. Global Account model with Account Hierarchies
  2. Location specific Account model with Account Hierarchies
  3. Global Account model without Account Hierarchies
  4. Location specific Account model without Account Hierarchies

Your customer would like to have a single view of all Contacts that belong to the same Account Hierarchy chain. What would be your recommendation to achieve this?

  1. No customization’s are needed. Parent Account Contacts shows related account’s contacts as well
  2. No customization’s are needed. Use the standard Account Hierarchies page
  3. Define a report to list all related Contacts
  4. Utilize Data Loader Exports

Universal Containers has a private Account model. It has enabled manually sharing and team selling to let users share specific accounts to others. It is required that when sharing an Account, all of the associated Contacts must also be shared. How can this requirement be met?

  1. Set Sharing settings for Contacts to ‘Controlled by Parent’
  2. Inform users to specify Contact Access Level when sharing an Account
  3. Use Process Builder to share contacts when Account is shared
  4. Use Apex programmatic sharing to share Contacts when an Account is shared

For a customer that has implemented Person Accounts, you are designing a workflow which will send out a Thank You note when an Order is placed. However, you want to ensure different templates are used for Business and Person Accounts. How could you meet this requirement?

  1. Define a custom field on the Account Object for indicating it is a Person Account
  2. Utilize the [Is Person Account] standard field in the Workflow definition
  3. Define a workflow on Account, and another on the Contact object
  4. Define a workflow for Business Accounts and another for Person Account record types
  5. It is a known limitation, that you cannot differentiate between Person and Business Accounts in a workflow definition

You have recommended implementing Person accounts for a Service centric organization, that relies on Salesforce Case functionality. Your customer has asked about the behavior of Person Accounts with respect to the “Contact Name” field on the Case object. Which of the following is true?

  1. Person account can be entered only in the Account Name field, not Contact Name
  2. Person account can be entered only in the Contact Name field, not Account Name
  3. Person Accounts can be entered in the Account Name field, the Contact Name field, or both
  4. Case object will no longer have Contact field, once Person Account is enabled

You have been asked to explain the features of the account hierarchy functionality. What would you mention?

  1. The value of all opportunities in an account hierarchy will be available on the parent account
  2. A link will be available to visualize the account hierarchy from any level
  3. Users having visibility to a parent account will have access to all accounts in the hierarchy
  4. Activities from child accounts will rollup and be visible on the parent account

You have a new requirement for a group of users. They want to have access to accounts they own and visibility to all of the children accounts within any hierarchies, regardless of ownership. Account settings are private. What is true regarding users access to the child account records?

  1. If a user has access to a parent account, they will have access to child account records
  2. If a user has access to a parent account, access to child accounts would need to be manually added
  3. A sharing rule could be created to share accounts within a hierarchy
  4. If the [Grand Access using Hierarchies] option is set on Accounts, users will have access to all accounts with a hierarchy.

What are valid features of There are two correct answers

  1. Lead scoring
  2. Find New Leads
  3. Remove duplicate accounts and contacts
  4. Keep existing account, contact and lead records up to date

Your customer informs you that there is a lot of cost incurred in relationship building activities with wrong contacts. Often, newly recruited Sales agents invest time and resources in connecting with contacts, who might not have any ability to influence a sales deal. As a Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant, what could you do to help? There are two correct answers.

  1. Recommend rolling out Account Contact Roles feature
  2. Recommend rolling out Contact Hierarchies feature
  3. Recommend adding an “Amount Invested” field on Contact object
  4. Recommend adding “Key Contacts” multi-select picklist on Account
  5. Recommend adding Contact “Title” field to all layouts

Adam is a Sales rep, and Brendan is a Service Rep at Universal Containers. They cannot see any of each other’s records. Adam has access to edit his own Account records. Universal Containers recently enabled Account Team selling. In this respect, all of the following are true except?

  1. Adam can let Brendan see one of his accounts
  2. Adam can let Brendan see one of the opportunities in one of his accounts
  3. Adam can let Brendan see all of the opportunities in one of his accounts
  4. Adam can let Brendan edit all of the opportunities in one of his accounts

It is observed that a few accounts have over 50 contacts. Therefore you have been asked to ensure users are given the capability to mark a contact as primary for an account. Only 1 contact can be marked primary at a time. What would be the best way to implement this?

  1. Add custom lookup field on Account, to Contact object
  2. Add custom master detail field on Account, to Contact object
  3. Add custom checkbox field on Contact object
  4. Define custom junction object between Account and Contact
  5. No customization’s are needed. Supported out of the box

Universal Containers uses ExactTarget to send out targeted emails to their Contacts. However, the marketing manager has found a high percentage of email bounces. As a Sales Cloud Consultant what would your recommendation be to ensure there is a higher delivery rate?

  1. Put in place logic to not send email again, if there is one failure
  2. Use an AppExchange package to ensure Contact emails are current and valid
  3. Use with Sales Cloud to ensure Contact emails are current & valid
  4. Use with ExactTarget to ensure Contact emails are current & valid

Universal Containers has 1 Data Administrator who performs data management and enrichment activities. UC is currently using Unlimited edition. What additional licenses should they purchase to ensure that the data administrator is able to source new lead data, clean lists of data and schedule clean jobs?

  1. Prospector
  2. Clean
  3. Prospector & Clean
  4. No additional purchase required for Unlimited customers

Universal Containers has Opportunity based incentives, and therefore does not want users to see each other’s opportunities. They also want to ensure users do not create duplicate account records. What would be a right sharing model to recommend?

  1. Set Account and Opportunity to Private
  2. Set Account to Public Read/Write, and Opportunity to Private
  3. Set Account to Public Read Only, and Opportunity to Controlled by Parent
  4. Set Account to Public Read Only and Opportunity to Public Read Only

You are in the midst of implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud to a global customer. As part of this, you have enabled Account Hierarchies. You hear the VP of Sales make a statement that since he is marked as owner for the top level Account in a particular hierarchy, he is able to edit details on all child accounts in the hierarchy. What do you infer from this statement?

  1. Correct statement
  2. Incorrect statement. Account Hierarchy has no impact on visibility
  3. Incorrect statement. Account Hierarchy grands read only visibility
  4. Incorrect statement. Account Hierarchy grands only access to immediate child record

As a Sales Cloud Consultant, which of the following types of customers would you recommend using Person Accounts? Select two answers

  1. Members of the Keep Fit Gym
  2. Medicare Pharmaceuticals
  3. Steadfast Gears & bolts
  4. Fast Finance Loan Customer

Your customer is using Account Hierarchies. For a sales rep who has visibility ONLY to the 3rd level regional account record, what would he see when clicking the View Hierarchy link?

  1. No accounts in the hierarchy
  2. Only child accounts in the hierarchy, no Account at Parent level
  3. Accounts in the parent hierarchy as masked values
  4. All accounts in the hierarchy, with limited field visibility
  5. All accounts in the hierarchy, with all field visibility

You would like to define a validation rule that applies to only Person Accounts. How could you achieve this requirement?

  1. Define the validation rule on the person account object
  2. Define the validation rule on the contact object
  3. Define the validation rule on the account object and also check the IsPersonAccount field
  4. Define the validation rule on the account object and also check the IsBusinessAccount field

Universal Containers has a Public Read/Write account model, and a private Opportunity sharing model. Adam created the first Opportunity for Acme Group, which is an Account he owns. Brendan is a sales rep and a colleague of Adam. What would be Brendan’s view of the Acme account record?

  1. Sees opportunity in the Acme’s related list. But cannot drill down
  2. Sees Opportunity in the Acme’s related list. Can drill down.
  3. Sees Opportunity name only in Acme’s related list
  4. Sees no Opportunity in Acme’s related list

Which of the following is NOT true account Account Hierarchies?

  1. The Account Hierarchy needs to be activated by Salesforce support
  2. The Account Hierarchy can be up to 500 levels deep
  3. Implementing an Account Hierarchy has an impact on data sharing and visibility
  4. Columns that appear in the View Hierarchy page are not configurable
  5. The Parent Account field shows the immediate parent, not the top level parent

Which of the following considerations are incorrect, with respect to a Person Account implementation?

  1. A person account takes the same storage space as a business account
  2. Once person accounts are turned on, they cannot be turned off
  3. Not all AppExchange packages support person accounts
  4. The person account page layout is not determined by the Account Page Layout
  5. Person accounts can only be merged with other person accounts

Learn About Studios Quiz

  1. Email Studio Sends:
    1. Generic, non-customizable content
    2. Personalized and relevant content to subscribers
    3. Emails to your entire contact list only
    4. Plain text emails only
  2. Which Studio would you use to send a push notification to a customer?
    1. Email studio
    2. Social studio
    3. Mobile studio
    4. Advertising studio


Learn About Builders Quiz

  1. Content Builder allows you to:
    1. Create a coordinated customer journey
    2. Continuously sync cross-channel profiles
    3. Create reusable blocks of content
    4. Present predictive content to customers
  2. How can you use Marketing Cloud builders to engage with your customers?
    1. To build and automate customer journeys across all channels
    2. That’s not something you can do
    3. To setup a booth outside a physical store
    4. To import customer data from the entire Internet