PD1: Salesforce Fundamentals (10%)

A developer has created a new Heroku app which needs to be deployed. Which of the following can be used for deployment?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Dynos
B. Heroku Connect
C. Git
D. Heroku CLI

Answers: B and C

Which of the following are part of the control layer in the MVC model?

A. Visualforce Controllers
B. Apps
C. List Views
D. Apex custom controllers

Answers: A and D

Which of the following are valid considerations that a new developer should be aware of when developing in a multi-tenant environment?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Many customers share the same instance, so queries need to ensure the correct organization id is referenced to return the correct organizational data
B. Restrictions are enforced on code that can be deployed into a production environment
C. The number of API calls allowed is unlimited
D. Governor limits ensure that the amount of CPU time is monitored and limited per customer over a defined time period to ensure that performance in one org is not impacted by another

Answers: B and D

What is a valid consideration regarding development in a multi-tenant environment?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Salesforce organizations can choose to accept upgrades, so different organizations maybe on different releases
B. Salesforce upgrades are automatic and cannot be scheduled on a particular date
C. Salesforce upgrades sandbox environments at the same time as production environments
D. Although Salesforce runs in the cloud, client software is still required

Answer: B

If your company is selling only to businesses, which features of Salesforce would be used?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Private Contacts
B. Contacts
C. Person Accounts
D. Business Accounts

Answers: B and D

Record types have been defined on the Account object. What does this mean?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Different picklist values can be defined for each record type
B. Different fields can be defined for each record type
C. Different users can be assigned to each record type
D. Different page layouts can be assigned for each record type

Answers: A and D

Which of the following are valid reasons for considering an AppExchange app?
Choose 3 answers.

A. AppExchange apps include support for Salesforce mobile app
B. AppExchange apps will not affect organization limits
C. An existing unmanaged package app may meet most of the requirements and can be further customized
D. An existing app may solve the business problem, meaning a custom solution does not need to be developed

Answers: A, C and D

What feature can be used to find the latest news and information about the account and contacts you are interested in?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Global Search
B. Twitter Search
C. Social Accounts, Contacts and Leads
D. News Search

Answer: C

An organization is looking for a streaming platform that publishes and subscribes to streams of records and enables the design and implementation of the architecture for parallel data pipelines for transforming and aggregating stream data. Which of the following add-ons on the Heroku platform can be used for this use case?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Postgres
B. Dynos
C. Apache Kafka
D. Heroku Connect

Answer: C

Of the following, which are true regarding how Salesforce supports the sales process?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Salesforce supports selling different items with different processes
B. Salesforce features include leads, campaigns, products, pricebooks, opportunities and quotes
C. Only contacts from the account related to the opportunity can be linked using contact roles
D. Opportunity Teams allow a group of people working on a deal to be associated with an opportunity

Answers: A, B and D

Cosmicos Corporation uses Heroku Enterprise and needs to store website sessions of users in key-value pairs. Which of the following Heroku add-ons provides a data store that can be used for this requirement?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Postgres
B. Apache Kafka
C. Heroku Connect
D. Redis

Answer: D

If multiple people in your organization work with an account, how can this be easily tracked and required access provided?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Use Multiple Owners
B. Use Sharing Rules
C. Use Account Assignment Rules
D. Use Account Teams

Answer: D

You have come across a situation where a consultant works on behalf of multiple organizations. How can you track this in Salesforce?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Create multiple contact records and relate the consultant to each organization they consult for
B. Use the Contacts to Multiple Accounts feature
C. Use the Account Teams feature
D. Use the Account Hierarchy feature

Answer: B

Dynamic Computing would like to be able to manage sales and support tasks differently and display different fields for each. How can this requirement be met?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Page Layouts
B. Workflow Rules
C. Record Types
D. Formula Fields

Answers: A and C

A Salesperson wants to track customer preferences and product interests. How can the data structure required be achieved in Salesforce as per the MVC model?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Validation Rules
B. Workflow
C. Creating Custom Visualforce pages
D. Creating objects and fields

Answer: D

Cadus Corporation is considering the use of the Heroku platform for managing, running, and deploying the code for an E-Commerce application which would require access to data available in the company’s Salesforce organization. Which of the following languages can be used by the company’s developers to write code for the application?
Choose 3 answers.

A. C#
B. Ruby
C. Python
D. Scala
E. Swift

Answers: B, C and D

A developer is developing an application on Heroku and is considering different types of dyno configurations while defining the Procfile. Which of the following configurations are available for dynos?
Choose 3 answers.

A. One-off
B. Worker
C. Work
D. Web
E. App

Answers: A, B and D

Which of the following statements about Heroku Dynos are correct?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Dynos are designed to execute code based on a user-specified command
B. Two possible configurations of Dynos are available
C. Different Dyno types are free, hobby, standard, and performance
D. Dynos are lightweight Linux containers for running Heroku apps
E. A Dyno can be used to share the result of an SQL query on a Postgres database

Answers: A, C and D

What is correct in respect to the Salesforce MVC paradigm?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Components are part of MVC
B. All Statements are true
C. Custom Objects are part of MVC
D. Visualforce pages are part of MVC
E. Standard pages are part of MVC

Answer: B

What constitutes the Model part in the Model-View-Controller paradigm?
Choose 2 answers

A. Standard Objects
B. Visualforce Pages
C. Custom Objects
D. Standard Pages

Answers: A and C

What is true regarding the Salesforce multitenant environment?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Automatic upgrades are applied during the year according to the Salesforce release schedule to all customers
B. All customers share the same code base, but have their own database
C. All customizations are specified as metadata, allowing for easy upgrades
D. Metadata includes configuration but not code

Answers: A and C

What is true regarding Person Accounts?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Once Person Accounts are enabled they cannot be disabled
B. Person Accounts do not have an account hierarchy
C. If Person Accounts are enabled, when creating an account, the type of account to create needs to be selected
D. Person Accounts have the same fields as a business account

Answers: A, B and C

The developers at Cosmati Enterprises have developed a custom application on the Heroku platform. A subset of data in the company’s Salesforce instance needs to be made accessible to the application. Which of the following can be used to synchronize the data between Salesforce and the Heroku Postgres database for this use case?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Salesforce Connect
B. Apache Kafka
C. Dynos
D. Heroku Connect

Answer: D

New Horizon Satellites uses Salesforce for opportunity management for its data service products. There are many variables and complex combinations that can be configured when offering a data service. The company currently uses Excel to produce quotes but would like to use Salesforce instead. What would be the recommended solution?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Create a Visualforce page that displays the quote and allows saving it as a PDF
B. Use the standard Quote template functionality
C. Look for an AppExchange product that meets the requirements
D. Create a custom button that allows exporting the opportunity details to Excel
E. Use Salesforce Quote-to-Cash functionality

Answers: C and E

What are some considerations regarding using Leads in Salesforce?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Leads can be individual consumers
B. Opportunities must always be created from Leads
C. When a lead is created, it can be automatically assigned to an owner
D. When a lead is qualified, an account, contact and opportunity is always created
E. Leads can be imported or created from an automatic process

Answers: A, C and E

A company wants to create a customer-facing application that uses Salesforce data, but they want to write the application in PHP and host it on Heroku. Which of the following tools can they use to bring their Salesforce data into Heroku?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Heroku Connect
B. Heroku Dataclips
C. Heroku Callouts
D. Heroku Dynos

Answer: A

Cosmic Solutions would like to generate invoices in Salesforce, allow customers to pay their invoice securely from their email, and process the payment. Which of the following should be used to meet this requirement?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Lightning Process Builder
B. Workflow Rule and Formula Fields
C. Custom Apex Solution
D. AppExchange app

Answer: D

How does Salesforce track how a deal progresses through the sales cycle?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Using Deal Stages
B. Using Sales Status
C. Using Opportunity Stages
D. Using Opportunity Status

Answer: C

A company has recently found the need to perform nightly processing on millions of Salesforce records and is having difficulty staying within the Salesforce governor limits even after optimizing and bulkifying their code. Which of the following approaches could be used to help them avoid problems with governor limits?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Upgrade their Salesforce license to increase allowable limits
B. Refine their business processes so only a portion of the data needs to be updated nightly to avoid hitting governor limits
C. Split the data among multiple sandboxes to process the data, since each sandbox will have its own set of limits
D. Use Heroku Postgres to process the data and synchronize it with Salesforce via Heroku Connect

Answer: D

How can the relationship between different accounts be recorded and viewed?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Using the Related Account field
B. Using the Generate Relationship function
C. Using the View Hierarchy link
D. Using the Parent Account field

Answers: C and D

A developer wants to quickly build a custom user interface for internal users. The interface will contain fields pulled from multiple custom Salesforce objects, some of which are not related. What is the easiest way to accomplish this?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Develop a Visualforce page containing the required information
B. Build a PHP-based site in Heroku and embed it in Salesforce
C. Build a custom page layout in Salesforce containing the required information
D. Build a page with Python in deploy it on Heroku

Answer: A

Which of the following capabilities are provided by the core CRM objects in the Salesforce schema?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Tracking prospective customers
B. Tracking sales deals and pipelines
C. Recording time spent on projects in timesheets
D. Recording customer feedback, problems or questions
E. Tracking customer invoices

Answers: A, B and D

A developer has used Heroku CLI to create an app named ‘myapp’ and renamed its default Heroku remote to ‘myappremote’. Which of the following commands can be used in the command line interface to deploy the app from the master branch of the app’s local repository?
Choose 1 answer.

A. git push myappremote master
B. git push master myappremote
C. git push heroku master
D. git push master heroku

Answer: A

A developer needs to provision a database for an app on the Heroku platform. Which of the following database services is provided directly by Heroku and can be provisioned by the developer?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Postgres
B. Database Cloud Service
C. Clustrix Database as a Service
D. EnterpriseDB

Answer: A

Because Apex runs in a multitenant environment, the Apex runtime engine enforces limits to ensure that Apex code or processes don’t monopolize shared resources. What are valid examples of these limits?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Maximum execution time for a DML operation
B. Time executing a SOQL query
C. Maximum number of records that can be stored
D. CPU time per transaction
E. Total number of records retrieved by SOQL queries

Answers: B, D and E

Stephanie is a Salesforce customer who is considering using Heroku for a project. Which of the following are differences she should consider when making her decision?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Heroku is used with open-source software, while App Cloud uses proprietary technology
B. Heroku is used with proprietary software, while App Cloud uses open-source technology
C. Heroku places limits on data processing, while App Cloud allows for unlimited data processing
D. Heroku is well-suited for external-facing sites, while App Cloud is well-suited for internal sites

Answers: A and D

Which of the following are part of the model layer in the MVC model?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Fields
B. Tabs
C. Relationships
D. Objects
E. Page Layouts

Answers: A, C and D

Costa Solutions uses a Heroku application and needs to integrate data generated from specific queries in a business dashboard on Google Docs. Which of the following can be utilized for this requirement?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Dynos
B. Apache
C. Heroku Connect
D. Dataclips

Answer: D

What are valid use cases for the AppExchange?
Choose 2 answers.

A. To add industry specific functionality to Salesforce
B. To extend standard Salesforce functionality
C. To exchange ideas and tips with other developers
D. To exchange apps with other developers

Answers: A and B

Cool Air Conditioners has been using Service Cloud to manage cases, but are now considering using it to manage field service jobs. They would like to track field service activity and assignment to technicians. What is the recommended solution to meet these requirements?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Extend the Service Cloud configuration to handle Field Service cases
B. Utilize the standard objects Work Order and Work Order Line Items
C. Install an AppExchange product that provides Field Service functionality
D. Use real time API integration to connect Salesforce with an external field service application

Answer: B

Eric was told that Visualforce is part of the MVC paradigm. In this context, what does MVC stand for?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Master Control Variable
B. Model Variable Controller
C. Master Class Variable
D. Model View Controller

Answer: D

Which of the following correctly describes how the platform features map to the MVC pattern?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Model: Standard and Custom objects; View: CSS and images; Controller: Standard and Custom Controllers
B. Model: APEX Classes; View: Pages and Components; Controller: APEX Triggers
C. Model: Javascript code; View: Visualforce Pages; Controller: Custom APEX code
D. Model: Standard and Custom objects; View: Pages and Components; Controller: Standard and Custom Controllers

Answer: D

Which of the following are true regarding developing in the Salesforce multi-tenant environment?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Queries need to be selective in terms of the number of records returned
B. The custom domain feature ensures that different customers do not access each other’s data
C. It is not possible to index application data as each tenant stores different types of data in the same application table
D. Salesforce delivers polyglot persistence transparently

Answers: A and D

There is a requirement to validate that the country code of an account field is a valid ISO code. There are over 200 codes. What could be used for this validation?
Choose 1 answer.

A. After Update trigger on Account
B. Validation Rule
C. Before Update trigger on Account
D. Formula Field

Answer: B

You have been given the requirement to display the average value of won opportunities on the Account page layout. How can this be achieved?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Using a trigger on the opportunity object
B. Using a roll-up summary field with the average function
C. Using a trigger on the account object
D. Using roll-up summary fields and a formula field

Answer: D

What are valid reasons for considering an AppExchange App?
Choose 3 answers.

A. AppExchange apps can be installed by any Salesforce user
B. Some AppExchange apps are free
C. AppExchange apps are isolated from other customizations, so they will not interfere with existing functionality
D. AppExchange apps cover functionality not covered by Salesforce
E. Some AppExchange apps are open source

Answers: B, D and E

A developer wants to use Dataclips to share the results of a SQL query on a Heroku Postgres database. Which of the following statements are true about Dataclips?
Choose 2 answers.

A. The recipients of a Dataclip are able to download the data in JPG, PNG, or DOCX format
B. The recipients of a Dataclip are able to view the data in their browser
C. Dataclips may be created on production-tier databases only
D. Dataclips can be created from within the Dataclips Dashboard

Answers: B and D

The developers at Costa Enterprises have built a public web application with Java that runs on Heroku and provides ordering functionality to the customers. Product information needs to be synchronized between Salesforce and the application, for which Heroku Connect needs to be utilized. Which of the following are true about Heroku Connect?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Bi-directional synchronization is possible using Heroku Connect
B. Heroku Objects allow exposing app data to business processes in Salesforce
C. The Heroku Connect add-on can be configured from the Heroku Dashboard only
D. Multiple Heroku Connect add-ons can be added to a single application

Answers: A and D

Which of the following is true regarding bi-directional synchronization when Heroku Connect is used to synchronize data between a Salesforce organization and a Heroku Postgres database?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Data is synchronized in real time
B. Bi-directional synchronization requires Salesforce Connect
C. Bi-directional synchronization is not possible
D. Data is synchronized in near real time

Answer: D

A developer is required to ensure that a reason is entered if an opportunity is lost and closed. What is the best way to meet this requirement?
Choose 1 answer.

A. Required field
B. Trigger
C. Workflow rule
D. Validation rule

Answer: D

Which of the following use cases are valid for declarative customization?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Displaying the number of employees of the account related to an opportunity, on the opportunity page layout
B. Calculating the number of days until an opportunity closes and displaying on a report
C. Calculating the sales tax applicable to a quote, that is a complex calculation and based on various factors such as product, state, quantity
D. Determining a lead rating, based on checking the value of 3 lead fields

Answers: A, B and D


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