Salesforce Platform App Builder Summer ’17 Release Exam

Which tool will help the consultant see if APEX or Visualforce code is running an out-of-date API version?

A) Lightning Experience Readiness Check
B) Health Check
C) Optimizer
D) Lightning Experience Migration Assistant

Answer: C

Which two components are supported when building Lightning pages with the Lighting App Builder?

A) Social View
B) Flows
C) Chatter Feed
D) Approval Panel

Answer: B, C

How can users see the change history of key fields in an object record?

A) Reporting Snapshot
B) Historical Trend Reporting
C) Setup Audit Trail
D) History related list with field tracking

Answer: D

What is a secure method of creating a single field from two encrypted fields?

A) Disable encryption on the two source fields, create a formula using & to concatenate, then re-enable encryption on the two source fields
B) Disable Shield Platform Encryption, create a formula using & to concatenate, then re-enable Shield Platform Encryption
C) Create a custom formula field referencing the two encrypted fields using & to concatenate
D) Create the two source fields, using a formula with & to concatenate, populate the data into the two source fields, then encrypt the source fields

Answer: C

What happens to an automated notification email generated by a process if another process subsequently modifies the same record?

A) The email is suppressed
B) The email is queued and may send depending on the secondary process
C) The email is sent twice
D) The email is sent

Answer: A


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