Salesforce Certified Developer – Spring 17

When an old post with a file is shared in Lightning Experience, what happens to the file in the newly shared post?

  1. The file is not shared in the new post.
  2. The file is attached to the new post
  3. A link to the file is shared
  4. A link to the old post is shared

Who can edit a user’s favorites in Lightning Experience?

  1. Any user in the same profile
  2. The user’s manager
  3. The system administrator
  4. The user

How many duplicate account records can be merged in Lightning Experience at once?

  1. Up to 10
  2. Up to 3
  3. Up to 6
  4. Up to 5

Which three actions does the Global Action Menu Support? Choose 3 answers

  1. Create records
  2. Create posts
  3. Delete records
  4. Launch Visualforce
  5. Take notes

Which three predefined values can be set with send email action? Choose 3 answers

  1. Cc
  2. Bcc
  3. Reply
  4. Forward
  5. To

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