Salesforce Certified Administrator – Summer 17

Which two Chatter Groups will show a seen-by count of people who viewed the post, in the Lightning Experience? Choose 2 answers

  1. Public
  2. Unlisted
  3. Private
  4. Restricted

How can an administrator allow users to choose different views of a dashboard in Lightning Experience?

  1. Dashboard filters
  2. Dashboard designer
  3. Report filters
  4. Report creator

Which two features best describe the new Lightning-optimized Log a Call action? Choose 2 answers

  1. Autopopulate the Case Team
  2. Autopopulate the Case Contact
  3. Autolink the Call Log to the Case
  4. Autolink the Audit Log to the Case

Where are the files and related records attached when a sales user converts a lead?

  1. Contact, account, opportunity, quote records
  2. Contact, account, person account, opportunity records
  3. Contact, account, person account records
  4. Contact, account, opportunity records

What action can be taken in Lightning, if you receive an approval request that someone else should approve?

  1. Delete the associated record
  2. Change Approval Entry Criteria
  3. Re-assign the approval request
  4. Edit Approval Process Manager

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