Platform Developer 1: Debug and Deployment Tools

What is true regarding projects in the IDE?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Each developer will have the same set of files in their project
B. Resources in a project are copied into the local project for editing
C. Projects can work in online or offline modes
D. Compiling of APEX code is done locally

Developers may define the layout of panels in the Developer Console by using a built in perspective or creating a custom one. Which of the following statement is true about managing perspectives in the Developer Console?
Choose 2 answers.

A. By clicking Debug > Perspective Manager, a developer may use built in perspectives or use custom ones.
B. The default perspective is always Analysis and cannot be changed.
C. By default, perspectives available are All (All panels), Debug (contains Execution Log, Source and Variables panels), Log Only (Execution Log only) & Analysis (includes the Stack Tree, Execution Stack, Execution Log, and Execution Overview panels)
D. Existing perspectives cannot be modified. If a custom one is needed, the user may clone the existing one to create a new

What capabilities are part of the developer console?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Executing SOQL and SOSL queries
B. Run unit tests and checking code coverage
C. Source code viewing but not editing
D. Creating change sets

A debug log is a tool that allow developers to keep track of all actions that a specific Salesforce instance is processing while the monitoring is turned on. Debug logs can contain information about the following options except:

A. HTTP callouts
B. Apex errors
C. Time-based workflows actions
D. Validation Rules

What are the different levels from lowest amount of information to highest?


Sending and receiving change sets can be done between all options except?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Sandbox to Sandbox.
B. Developer Sandbox to Production.
C. Developer Edition to Production.
D. Developer Edition to Developer Edition

The Checkpoints tab in the Developer Console displays a list of saved checkpoints and displays a snapshot of the state of objects in memory at the time the checkpoint was reached. What information about the checkpoint will it include?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Class
B. Line
C. View state
D. Debug Statement

A developer wants to see a variable value while debugging code by using a System.debug() method. In which section of the debug log can this be found?

A. Log Lines
B. Header
C. Execution Units
D. Code Units

Which of the following is not true about the Logs Tab in the Developer Console?

A. A developer may use the Logs tab in the Developer Console to access logs that include database events, Apex processing, workflow, callouts, and validation logic.
B. The Developer Console automatically polls for the current user debug logs and lists them in the Logs tab.
C. Logs are system enforced and are always recorded in the log tab, hence, users are not capable of turning them off.
D. By default, the Logs tab displays only new logs generated by the current user but a developer will have an option to see all debug logs saved in the organization, including newly generated logs created by other users.

What is true regarding the Migration Tool?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Good for traceability and auditing previously deployed changes
B. Preferred by anyone that is familiar with deployments in a scripting environment
C. Has a user interface that can be used by first time users.
D. Best to use in repetitive deployments using the same parameters.

What are valid considerations when deciding whether to use change sets or the Migration Tool?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Change sets are cloud based and do not require files to be brought to a local file system
B. Change sets are preferable for repetitive large deployments to multiple environments
C. Deployments can be scripted and scheduled with the Migration Tool
D. Changes sets are ideal when a source control system is used

Which features are available in the IDE?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Schema Builder
B. Process Builder
C. Schema Explorer
D. Approval Visualizer
E. Write and Execute Anonymous blocks

What is true regarding using the IDE for deploying code?
Choose 2 answers.

A. The IDE cannot be used for deploying code
B. The IDE can be used for deploying code but only from one sandbox to another
C. The IDE can be used to deploy code to production
D. The IDE can be used to selectively deploy metadata components to another org

Which of the following debug log sections contains the version of the API used during the transaction and the log category and level used to generate the log?

A. Log Lines
B. Header
C. Execution Units
D. Code Units

A developer is required to know the number of SOQL queries initiated in a single
transaction Apex trigger along with its limit usage. What debug level should the Apex Profiling category on developer’s trace flag contain to satisfy this requirement?


Which environment would be most appropriate to perform a test deployment and final regression testing, as well as stress and performance testing?

A. Staging
B. Production Support
C. Development
D. Quality Assurance

What is a debug level?

A. The debug level specifies the type of user the debug log will capture information for
B. The debug level specifies the set of log levels for log categories
C. The debug level specifies the type of information to record in the debug log
D. The debug level specifies the amount of information to record in the debug log

A developer has written an Apex Trigger. He tested it and the trigger is not functioning as expected. He now wants to debug the code. How can the developer accomplish this in the Developer Console?

A. Go to the Logs tab in Developer Console.
B. Go to the Anonymous Window in Developer Console.
C. Go to the Run Tests in Developer Console.
D. Go to the Progress tab in Developer Console.

How can a developer start and monitor debug logs via the Salesforce UI?

A. Setup > Debug Logs > New
B. Setup > User > Debug Logs > New
C. Setup > Company Information > Enable Debug Logs
D. Setup > Profile > Choose Profile > Enable Debug Logs

Given a sample code snippet below, on what line/s of code correspond/s to an execution unit of a debug log?
20:43:45.1 (1707921) | EXECUTION_STARTED
20:43:45.1 (1714356) | CODE_UNIT_STARTED | [EXTERNAL] | 01pO0000000Hury |
20:43:51.574 (7549778580) | CODE_UNIT_FINISHED | LeadBLTest.setUpTestData
20:43:51.574 (7550987692) | EXECUTION_FINISHED

A. 1st & 2nd
B. 1st & 4th
C. 2nd only
D. 4th only

What is true in the debug log line below?
Choose 2 answers.
20:43:52.588 (7632137015) | LIMIT_USAGE | [137] | SOQL | 38 | 100

A. 20:43:52.588 (7632137015) corresponds to the timestamp of the log line.
B. The debug log line above was triggered when the code reached the 38th line.
C. It denotes that 137 SOQL queries was executed out of limit usage of 100.
D. LIMIT_USAGE is the name of the event that occurred.

Which of the following statements are false in regards to a Partial Copy and Full Copy Sandbox?
Choose 2 answers.

A. A Full copy sandbox has a shorter refresh interval than a Partial copy
B. A Full copy sandbox does not support templates and sampling
C. A Partial copy sandbox can store less data than a full copy sandbox
D. A Partial copy is best to use for performance and load testing

A developer would like to test his code with a sample of live data every week. Which type of sandbox should he use?

A. Partial Copy Sandbox
B. Production
C. Developer sandbox
D. Full Sandbox

A Full copy sandbox is most appropriate for which activities?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Performance Testing
B. Load Testing
C. Quality Assurance
D. Development

A managed package can be created in which type of environment?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Developer Edition
B. Partner Developer Edition
C. Developer Sandbox
D. Full Sandbox

Which of the following statements are true about trace flags?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Trace flags should be configured, along with the debug level, to activate debug logs for users, Apex classes, and Apex triggers.
B. Trace flags should only contain one specific debug level for each debug category
C. A trace flag includes a debug level, a start time, an end time, and a log type.
D. Trace flag configuration is only available in the Salesforce UI setup.

What is the minimum log level that a developer needs to use to see debug statements generated by the user using System.debug()?


Which of the following is not a capability of the IDE?

A. Creating Change Sets
B. Running Apex Tests
C. Executing SOQL queries
D. Deploying metadata components from one org to another

When would a full copy sandbox be required?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Performance and Load Testing
B. Staging
C. Training
D. Integration Testing

Before deploying to production, what is true?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Development must be done in a developer edition or sandbox
B. It is a best practice to test in a dedicated testing environment with large sets of data
C. Testing cannot be completed in a developer edition
D. APEX Code must have sufficient code coverage

What information can the log inspector contain?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Stack Tree
B. Trace Flags
C. Execution Overview
D. Source
E. Methods

What are the recommended tools for deploying metadata from one org to another?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Unmanaged Packages
B. Data Loader
C. Metadata API
D. Change Sets
E. Migration Tool

The type of debugging information logged can be set for each log using log categories. Which of the following is not a debug log category?

A. Apex Code
B. Visualforce
C. Database
D. Component

As a customer developing a new application that will include APEX code, what considerations are valid?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Development and Testing can be completed directly in the production environment
B. It is required that development, testing and production are in separate environments
C. At least 2 environments are required
D. It is a best practice to have separate development and testing environments.

What capabilities are part of the workbench?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Interacting with the REST API
B. Executing SOQL and SOSL queries
C. Describing Metadata and data
D. Inserting but not deleting Data
E. Restricting workbench access to sandbox environments only

A team of developers would like to create a commercially available app. In this case, which environments would be used?
Choose 2 answers.

A. A Developer Pro Sandbox
B. A Developer Edition
C. A Partner Developer Edition
D. A Partial Copy Sandbox

What are capabilities of the developer console?
Choose 3 answers.

A. Edit a Visualforce page
B. Execute Anonymous Apex code blocks
C. Execute API calls
D. View Debug Logs

The following types of trace flags can be used by a developer except?

A. User based
B. Class based
C. Trigger based
D. Lightning based

A developer can view and download Debug Logs using which of the following?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Developer Console
B. Instrumentation Console
C. Setup Debug Logs
D. Service Cloud Console

Which of the following components are not available to deploy using the Metadata API?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Fiscal Year
B. Currency Exchange Rates
C. Queues
D. Global Picklist

A developer would like to accelerate their development and deployment working with the platform and has installed Eclipse and added the IDE plugin. What are the benefits of using the IDE?
Choose 2 answers.

A. Metadata components can be modified
B. Any number of files can be deployed or retrieved at once
C. Updates of different developers can be synchronized
D. Apex tests can be easily run


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