Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Quiz 3

How is Primary Key used?
  • Primary Key is used when defining a Send Relationship
  • Primary Key prevents data from being overwritten in a data extension
  • Primary Key is the unique value to identify a subscriber
  • Primary Key identifies a row or a field in a data extension as unique
How can AMPscript customize email messages?
  • Insert responsive content based on the user’s viewing device.
  • Automate the template creation process.
  • Automate the flow of creating email messages.
  • Provide advanced content personalization
How are the test audiences for an A/B test selected? (Choose 2)
  • The system randomly places target subscribers into the selected audiences
  • The test administrator chooses which subscribers to place in each audience
  • The system automatically uses 15% of the population for each audience
  • The test administrator selects a percentage or a fixed number of target subscribers from the total for each audience
Northern Train Outfitters wants to display different content areas based on the subscriber data. What can be used to accomplish this? (Choose 2)
  • Dynamic Content
  • Personalization Strings
  • Profile Mapping
  • AMPscript

A marketing associate at Northern Trail Outfitters must create an email campaign for the company’s new winter offerings. Which method could the associate use to create the email message? (Choose 2)
  • Email Send Wizard
  • HTML Paste
  • User-initiated email message
  • Email templates
A new data extension named “Orders” contains order data. One row is recorded for each customer’s order. Customers can place multiple orders. The data extension Orders relates to other data extensions. The data extension Orders contains the following fields:

  1. OrderNumber: a unique alphanumeric order number
  2. customerID: a numeric customer identification number
  3. OrderDate: the system date and time for the order

Instructions: an optional alphanumeric string that contains customer delivery notes. Which statement accurately reflects the configuration of the Orders Data Extension?

  • OrderNumber will be used as the Primary Key
  • CustomerID will be used as the Primary Key
  • The OrderNumber field will be a Number data type field
  • All fields in the data extension are nullable
A marketer wants to create an email that will look great on both a desktop computer and a mobile device. However the marketer is not familiar with writing code for responsive design and does not have available resources to design the email. Which template can the marketer choose when creating an email?
  • Media template
  • Standard template
  • Mobile-optimized template
  • Responsive Web template
Northern Train Outfitters wants to identify subscribers with something other than an email address. What value can be used to accommodate this?
  • Subscriber Attributes
  • Primary Key
  • System Preferences
  • Subscriber Key
A marketer wants to run an Account Send Summary report. Which option can be configured when running this report? (Choose 3)
  • Report results delivery location
  • Error handling parameters
  • Report results file format
  • Error report log location
  • Date range parameters
A marketer wants to grow the company’s email subscriber list via social channels and its mobile app. Which best practice can the marketer use to grow the subscriber list? (Choose 2)
  • Provide and opt-in checkbox on the mobile app registration form
  • Promote content on social channels that requests an email address
  • Send unsolicited requests on Twitter to sign up for email
  • Search Facebook fans’ profiles for mail addresses
A marketer needs to create an attribute named Gender that has a drop-down menu with appropriate values in the Profile Center. How can this be accomplished? (Choose 2)
  • Create restricted values
  • Select the attribute as required
  • Select the data type as Text
  • Set a custom maximum length of six
A marketer sends an email to a sendable data extension that contains a Customer_ID field with a numeric data type that relates to the Subscriber Key in All Subscribers as a Send Relationship. What is a true statement about the email send behavior for any subscriber who currently does NOT exist in All Subscribers? (Choose 2)
  • The subscriber will be added to All Subscribers with a status of Active
  • The email address and Subscriber Key will be added to All Subscribers
  • The email send will fail
  • The Primary Key and demographic data will be added to All Subscribers
A marketing manager is reporting on the degree of customer engagement with the company’s email. Which metric can be used?
  • List Growth Rates
  • Click Through Rates
  • Influenced Revenue
  • Bounce Rate
A marketing associate wants to use the Validate button to ensure an email is CAN-SPAM compliant. What information does the associate need to provide in order for the email to pass validation? (Choose 2)
  • Profile Center URL
  • Physical Mailing Address
  • Company Website URL
  • Terms and Conditions Policy
An account has a Subscriber Key enabled, and will be providing a unique key for each subscriber from an external system. A marketer wants to create a data extension for sending email campaigns. What steps would the marketer take when creating the data extension? (Choose 2)
  • Set the column representing the Subscriber Key as a Primary Key
  • Relate the Email address to the Subscriber Key
  • Set the Email address column as a Primary Key
  • Check the “Is Sendable” option
Northern Train Outfitters wants to grow its email subscriber list. Which best practice can the company use to increase the number of subscribers? (Choose 2)
  • Use incentives such as a discount or free shipping to encourage opt-in
  • Offer email opt-in when customers create an account
  • Send emails to a purchased list with a request to opt-in
  • Capture email addresses through the use of browser cookies
As part of a weekly email automation, a client needs to segment data in a Data Extension. Which activity is designed to address this scenario?
  • Group Refresh
  • Query Activity
  • Import Activity
  • File Transfer Activity
A marketing associate at Northern Trail Outfitters must design an email campaign for the company’s new winter offerings. Which email design best practice would the associate implement in this campaign?
  • Use an infographic email template
  • Personalize the email content
  • Segment the audience for the email
  • Limit the email text to 250 words
A marketer wants to ensure that emails follow the basic brand guidelines. Which feature helps ensure emails have the correct layout and logos?
  • Portfolio
  • Email templates
  • Preference Management
  • Data Extensions
A marketer needs to share report results with a manager. When using Reports in the Marketing Cloud, which option can be used to deliver the report to the manager? (Choose 3)
  • Email the report
  • Save the report to an FTP folder
  • Print the report from Reports
  • Include a link to the report in an email
  • Save the report as a Snapshot
Northern Train Outfitters wants to maintain enterprise-wide opt-outs for two segments of its subscribers: Education Events and Sales. Which feature would the company use?
  • Shared Data Extensions
  • Shared Publication Lists
  • Shared Portfolio Items
  • Shared Emails
A marketing team needs to narrow down a customer population of several million subscribers based on eCommerce order details, and rapidly explore the data to find appropriate segments. How can segmentation with this scenario be accomplished?
  • Drag and Drop Segmentation
  • Data Extract Activity
  • Profile Attributes
  • Audience Builder

A marketer would like to install the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector. Where can an installation guide be found?

  • AppExchange
  • Help and Training Portal
A marketing team is creating a new data extension. The data extension schema is very similar to a data extension that already exists. How would the team create the new data extension?
  • Create from template
  • Create a filtered data extension
  • Create new
  • Create from existing
A marketer wants to overwrite the data in a data extension on a daily basis using Automation Studio. What can the marketer do to accomplish this task?
  • Create an import using the Import Wizard in the Email Application
  • Create an Import Activity and execute it manually
  • Create an import using the Import Wizard in Automation Studio
  • Create an Import Activity to use in a workflow in Automation Studio
An email marketer is writing the next send’s subject line. What can the marketer do to make the subject line more effective? (Choose 2)
  • Keep the subject text between 50 to 100 characters long
  • A/B test the effectiveness of different subjects
  • Include “RE:, “FWD:” “etc.” to get reader’s attention
  • Include information relevant to the message in the subject line
A marketer sends an email to a sendable data extension. The data extension has a send relationship that matches Customer_ID on the data extension to subscriber Key in All Subscribers. What is a true statement regarding the email send behavior?
  • The email will be sent to the email address stored on the Data Extension
  • The email will be sent to the field marked as the Primary Key
  • The email will be sent to the email address stored in All Subscribers
  • The email will be sent to the Subscriber Key in All Subscribers
A marketer wants website visitors to have the option to subscribe to specific publications and make updates to their profile. Which tool would the marketer use in this scenario?
  • Web Collect 
  • Subscriber Group
  • Send Log
  • Data Filter
A marketer wants to use personalization strings to create individualized content for an upcoming send. What would the marketer need to know to understand how to use personalization strings? (Choose 3)
  • Personalization strings are noted by two sets of double percent symbols
  • Personalization strings are limited to profile attributes
  • Personalization strings are case sensitive
  • Personalization strings can appear in the subject line or body of the email
  • When using subscriber data, the attribute or field should have a default value

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