Learn About Studios Quiz

Email Studio Sends: Generic, non-customizable content Personalized and relevant content to subscribers Emails to your entire contact list only Plain text emails only Which Studio would you use to send a push notification to a customer? Email studio Social studio Mobile studio Advertising studio  

Learn About Builders Quiz

Content Builder allows you to: Create a coordinated customer journey Continuously sync cross-channel profiles Create reusable blocks of content Present predictive content to customers How can you use Marketing Cloud builders to engage with your customers? To build and automate customer journeys across all channels That’s not something you can do To setup a booth… Read More

Improve Email Deliverability Quiz

You want to keep your per-mailing email bounce rate under: 30% 25% 20% 10% Spam filters vary in logic, but most spam filters use: Content – or keyword-based logic Employing people to look at all the emails before sending them on to the recipient Highly processed meat products A random number generator