Sales Cloud: Account and Contact Management

Salesforce supports all of the following Social integration with Accounts, Contacts and Leads except? YouTube Facebook Klout LinkedIn Twitter As a Sales Cloud consultant, how would you advise an end user trying to relate 120 subsidiaries to an existing account? Add the accounts using [Related Accounts] related list on Parent Account Add the accounts using… Read More

Learn About Builders Quiz

Content Builder allows you to: Create a coordinated customer journey Continuously sync cross-channel profiles Create reusable blocks of content Present predictive content to customers How can you use Marketing Cloud builders to engage with your customers? To build and automate customer journeys across all channels That’s not something you can do To setup a booth… Read More

Learn how Email Studio and Journey Builder work together Quiz

Which product started Marketing Cloud? Marketing Cloud Connect Email Studio Journey Builder Social Studio How might you use Email Studio and Journey Builder to engage your employees? For technical instruction To send text messages For employee onboarding For benefits sign-up The best way for an employer to engage employees using Email Studio and Journey Builder… Read More