JB Lesson 3: Introduction

  • Journey Builder is an easy to use, drag and drop tool that lets marketers plan, personalize, and optimize every interaction across the entire customer journey.
  • Interactions are the foundation of a campaign in Journey Builder
  • An Interaction is the customer communication game plan a marketer designs
  • Interactions consist of activities set by marketers to instruct the Marketing Cloud to communicate to a contact based on the actions of the customer
  • Dashboard Components
    • Aggregated Goals Data
      • This gadget shows how many interactions are currently meeting their targets and provides a snapshot of the highest-and lowest performing interactions
    • Aggregated Population Data
      • This gadget shows the total quantity of Contacts who are included in all interactions
    • Running Mode
      • Interactions in running mode are displayed on a blue background.  The blue arrow icon indicates that the Trigger that filters contacts into the interaction is listening for an Event to prompt filtering Contacts to begin or Continue
    • Stopped Mode
      • Interactions in stopped mode are displayed with a red icon.  The stop symbol indicates that Contacts are no longer being filtered into this interaction, and that the Interaction activities are stopped
    • Draft Mode
      • Interactions in draft mode are displayed on a gray background.  Contacts cannot be filtered into interactions that are in draft mode
    • Trigger Administration and Creating a New Interaction
      • To create a new interaction, click New Interaction on the Dashboard
      • A trigger is a marketer’s defined set of conditions that prompt the interaction to run.  Use the Trigger Automation link to set up and configure Triggers




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