JB Lesson 2: Contact Builder

  • Contact Builder is a Marketing Cloud tool where customer data from any source can be consolidated, organized, and linked back to the customer.
  • The contact builder app provides access to your contact data within Marketing Cloud and the relationships designed to help you use that data.
  • Contact Builder provides a single view of a customer that displays all interactions with your brand.
  • Can leverage all collected information to personalize conversations at any size and any channel
  • When you first access Contact Builder, you are in the Data Designer tab
  • You can group by source such as adobe site catalyst or by category such as site transactions.
  • You have access to 3 tabs
    • Data Designer
      • The tool used to define, consolidate, and organize customer data.
      • In Data Designer you can:
        • Create attribute groups to organize your data
        • View and edit your data model by linking data extensions
    • Data Extensions
      • Select the Data extensions tab to conveniently access and manage your data extensions in the Contact Builder application (Just as you would in the email application)
    • Contacts Configuration
      • The tool used to:
        • Select matching rules that dictate whether you want incoming contact information to merge with an existing contact, overwrite an existing contact or create a new contact record
        • Prioritize which address to use, on which channel, when communicating with customers



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