Tracking & Reporting

How do I track the results of my Email Send?

  • Once an email has been sent you have two ways to analyze the results
    • Tracking
      • Is a result of your email send
      • Within tracking, you can view critical elements such as email opens, clicks, and other metrics online
    • Reporting
      • The reporting tool provides and easy to use data analytics tool-set
      • Access new and existing reports across multiple channels; Email, Mobile and Social
      • Available in all accounts
      • Layout and information is defined by Marketing Cloud
      • Define report parameters
  • You can access tracking via the Tracking tab in the email application.  Click Sends
  •  The tracking overview tab has 6 sections
    • Summary
      • This section presents the JobID, the name and subject of the email, the date and time the email has been sent, the total number of email messages sent, the name of the lists, groups and data extensions that were targeted for the send, as well as any lists, groups, and data extensions that were excluded from the send and the name of the data extensions that were targeted for the send, if applicable.
    • Send Performance
      • Contains information about the delivery rate
      • Displayed in a pie chart, the number of hard bounces, soft bounces, blocked bounces and delivered
    • Open Performance
      • Contains information about the subscribers opening the send
      • Displayed in a bar chart, the open rates and unique opens
    • Inbox Activity
      • Current Activity displays the data in a bar graph and Activity over time, which displays tracking data for 14 days after the date of send.  You can choose to include or not include certain information such as opens, clicks, forwards, etc.  These fields display when you view Current Activity
      • The percentages note the percent of subscribers on the send that relate to each field.  The system calculates these percentages by dividing the number of subscribers who performed the action by the total number of subscribers sent to
    • Unengaged Subscribers
      • Contains information about subscribers who did not open or click on information in the email
    • Forward to a Friend Activity
      • Tracks how many times a subscriber has clicked the forward to a friend link in the email
  • Tracking details can be exported into a PDF or Excel spreadsheet
    • Can select the modules to export as well as view in browser or send as email attachment
  • Click Activity Tab
    • There are two options under click activity
      • Email Overlay View
        • Provides a screenshot of your email with percentages next to every link in the email
        • These percentages indicate the percent of subscribers that clicked each link
        • You can click on the percentage to view a short summary of the click statistics, including click through rate, total clicks and unique clicks
      • Link View
        • Displays a table that gives click information for every link in your email send.
        • To view a list of subscribers that clicked on a particular link, you will click on the blue underlined number

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