What is an Asset?

  • An asset can include an image, document or other multimedia file type which would be used to construct the body of an email message.  These types of assets are stored in Portfolio

Three main types of Assets

  1. Images
    • Types: .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tif (.jpg & .tiff too)
    • Use: The graphical elements of your email
  2. Documents
    • Types: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, PDF, Flash, QuickTime, Calendar Invites
    • Use: Sharing documents, files and event invitations
  3. HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • Types: .html, .css, .js
    • Use: To store HTML, CSS and JavaScript for use on Marketing Cloud Landing and Platform pages and within Social Forward

Specification of Assets

  1. Images
    • Suggested width no greater than 600 pixels
    • Suggested template banner image size 600 x 150 pixels
    • Suggested resolution 72 dpi
    • File size limit is 200KB
  2. Documents
    • File size limit is 1MB
    • If you need a certain document to be supported in a bigger size, contact Global Support
  3. HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • HTML
      • When a web page is static in nature (no substitution strings, or AMPScript used in the rendering of the page) upload code to Portfolio
    • CSS and JavaScript
      • Almost always static so best practice is to upload into Portfolio

How do I upload assets to the Portfolio?

  • Under the Email Application click on Content and select Portfolio
  • Once in the Portfolio work space, click Upload Portfolio item
  • There are three ways to select assets to upload to the Portfolio
    • URL
      • When you select From URL, you will type in the specific URL where the assets are located
    • File
      • Allows you to browse your computer to find and select an asset, multiple assets or a zip file to upload
    • Drag & Drop
      • Allows you to select a single asset, multiple assets, or a zip file and drag the asset or file from its current location to the Drag & Drop work space within Portfolio
  • If the assets are successfully uploaded, you will see a green check mark over the asset indicating success
  • If there is an issue with any of the assets being uploaded, a red X will appear on the asset or file, allowing you to resolve the issue with the asset

How can I view my assets once they are in the Portfolio?

  • Once in Portfolio, the work space will be display all current assets stored in Portfolio and information regarding that asset
  • Can view assets in a list view or thumbnail view

How can I edit and save my assets within the Portfolio?

  • To edit or view properties of an asset, from the Portfolio work space, click on the asset name
  • Clicking the asset name will display the properties tab
    • The properties tab displays the owner of the asset.  Owner is populated at upload time with the username of the person who is uploading the image
    • You have the ability to change the location and associate the image to a Campaign.  You can add Tags to the image from this screen
  • The editor tab gives you the ability to edit the image
    • You can choose to custom crop the image or select from the pre-set sizes in the workspace
  • When saving an image that has been edited you can:
    • Overwrite the existing image
    • Save as a new portfolio item

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