Creating an Email

What are my Email creation options?

  • There are four ways to create an email
    1. Template Based
      • Use this option to create a new email from an existing template
      • Template must first be created
      • You can choose any template within your Template Library
    2. HTML Paste
      • Use this option to paste in HTML for your message body
      • Generally HTML is created in an outside editor and pasted into Marketing Cloud
    3. Text Only
      • Use this option to create a text only email
      • No HTML will be created or sent regardless of the subscriber’s preference
    4. Copy
      • Use this option to create a new email by revising an existing email
      • Original email can be Template, HTML, or Text-Only

How do I create a Content Box with an Image?

  • Click inside a content box and select Create Content
  • Content can be standard, dynamic or created for an A/B Test
  • Click standard content and then select image only

How do I create a Content Box with Personalization and a Web Link?

  • The attributes in your account will determine what is used to personalize the email at the time of send.  It is a best practice to use the Personalization drop-down to choose the correct attribute.  This will ensure the personalization string doesn’t break because of spelling errors
  • To add a hyper link, select desired text and then click on the linking icon from editor tools, the insert link box will open where you can type in the web address on where the link should open
  • The Tracking Alias gives you the opportunity to name the links you create.  The Tracking Alias will appear in the tracking work space and will let you know exactly which link you are tracking

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