Tracking & Reporting

How do I track the results of my Email Send? Once an email has been sent you have two ways to analyze the results Tracking Is a result of your email send Within tracking, you can view critical elements such as email opens, clicks, and other metrics online Reporting The reporting tool provides and easy… Read More

Sending an Email

How do I send an Email using the Guided Send process? The guided send option is a multi step wizard that takes you through the steps needed to send an email There are three available send options Simple Send Test Send Guided Send Step 1 The selected email displays in the Send Email window Step… Read More

Creating an Email

What are my Email creation options? There are four ways to create an email Template Based Use this option to create a new email from an existing template Template must first be created You can choose any template within your Template Library HTML Paste Use this option to paste in HTML for your message body… Read More

Creating a Template

What is an Email Template? A template defines the layout and basic design of your email It includes the brand and other design elements Can use the same template for various emails How do I create an Email Template? Templates can be created two different ways: You can use the Template Editor Easy to use… Read More


What is an Asset? An asset can include an image, document or other multimedia file type which would be used to construct the body of an email message.  These types of assets are stored in Portfolio Three main types of Assets Images Types: .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tif (.jpg & .tiff too) Use: The graphical… Read More