Tracking and Reporting

This section will focus on explaining email analytics terminology, analyzing individual email performance and will describe the reporting functionality and capabilities via scenarios.

Objectives (Weight: 7%)

  • Explain email analytics terminology. Analyze individual email performance
  • Given a scenario, describe the reporting functionality and capabilities

Analyze the Results

  • Once an email has been sent, metrics on how the email performed are available
  • The marketing cloud will provide metrics such as
    • Unique clicks
    • Bounces
    • Total Opens
    • Unsubscribes
    • Delivery Rate
    • Opens – an open is recorded when images are rendered in an email
    • Total Sent
    • Clicks
    • Unique Opens

Individual Email Tracking

  • Individual email results are found in the Email application under Tracking
  • For the exam, be familiar with the metrics on the Overview tab
  • Export can be viewed in browser or emailed to an individual
  • To find out what link received the most clicks or to find out who clicked a specific link, you would navigate to the Click Activity tab
  • Jobs link tab is where you can edit links in a specific job

Reports Scenario


The Marketing Manager at NTO, Ted, wants to receive and analyze the Account Send Summary report data every Monday morning for the sends for the prior week. How can this be accomplished?


  1. Ted will need to create and save the Account Send Summary report definition to pull tracking data for the last 7 days
  2. Schedule the report to run every Monday morning and the results emailed to him


Sarah’s Team at NTO is responsible for the creation and deployment of several automated email campaigns; Birthday and Welcome Series. On a monthly basis Sarah would like to run the Campaign Email Tracking Report for each campaign to see how the emails are performing.  Sarah would like to share the results with the team members. Sarah would like to automate the process and to be able to access past reports in order to compare the monthly results in order to determine if changes need to be made.  How can this be accomplished?


  1. Sarah would want to create and save a Welcome Campaign Email Tracking report and Birthday Campaign Email Tracking report to pull information for the last 30 days
  2. Once each of the definitions has been saved, Sarah would schedule the report to run on the first day of the month and save the results as a report
  3. When you save as a report (Snapshot) the results will be saved in the Snapshot area for the report

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