Subscriber and Data Management Part 3

This section will focus on segmentation and data relationships.

What are the two segmentation tools in the Email application?

  1. Drag & Drop Segmentation
    • Lists
      • Can be either filtered or random
    • Data Extensions
      • Can be either filtered or random
    • Measures – segment subscribers based on behavioural data
    • Data Filters – saved rule on criteria or behavioural data
  2. Query
    • Data Extensions
    • SQL Query Activity

How can segments be refreshed?

  • Manual
  • Automated

What is the process for creating and automating the refreshing of segments?

  • Create the Data Filter – define rules and conditions
  • Create the Filter Activity – applies the data filter to filter the data extension or filter list
  • Automate via Automation Studio – Refreshes the filtered data extension or filtered list

Query Activity

  • The Query Activity is an activity to retrieve data extension or system data view information that matches your criteria
    • System data view information contains behavioural data such as bounces or clicks
  • Users SQL (Structured Query Language) to access data stored based on your criteria
    • Eg: SELECT * FROM Subscribers WHERE Age > 40 OR Salary > 60000
  • Results are placed in a results data extension.
  • Remember: the results data extension must be created before defining and executing the Query Activity

Segmentation Scenario


NTO sends their newsletter to 1.5 million subscribers monthly.  They are overstocked in mountain climbing equipment.  They want to send a targeted email to newsletter subscribers who have purchased mountain climbing equipment in the last year and everyone who clicked on the Learn more about mountain climbing link in the last email. What tool in the Email application is the best tool to use?

Answer: Because there are 1.5 million subscribers and segmentation will be done on behavioural as well as subscriber data, the best tool is Query.


Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send a one time email to MyNTO members who clicked on the camping link in the last rewards email, are Silver, Gold or Platinum members and have made purchases of a tent in the last year.  The data is located in multiple data extensions which a common field of Customer Number.  The marketing team at NTO is non-technical.  How can they create their segment?

Answer: NTO will begin by creating a data relationship between the data extensions. They will then create a measure to filter only subscribers who have clicked on the camping link.  NTO will then create a data filter to combine the measure with the other filter criteria.

Enterprise 2.0 and Sharing

Shareable Objects:

  • Portfolio
  • Content
  • Templates
  • Emails
  • Data Extensions
  • Publication Lists
  • Suppression Lists



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