Subscriber and Data Management Part 2

This section discusses unsubscribes, and importing data into the Marketing Cloud.

Name the three types of unsubscribes

  1. Global Unsubscribe – an event that occurs when a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from all emails sent from the Marketing Cloud
  2. Master Unsubscribe – an event that occurs when a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from every email sent from a company
  3. List-Level Unsubscribe – a subscriber can choose to unsubscribe from a particular list from the subscription center.  When using a data extension, publication lists can be used to keep track of subscribers who no longer want to receive the email any longer.

Joe’s Journey: How does it work?

NTO sends a newsletter to subscribers on the Newsletter list.  Joe receives the email.  Joe unsubscribes from the email via the Unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

Answer: Joe will have a status of unsubscribed on the newsletter list and his status in all subscribers will still be active.

What does this mean?

Joe will not receive another commercial email from NTO when the Newsletter list is used as the target audience.  This includes any filtered groups that are created from the Newsletter list.

Enterprise Unsubscribing Scenario


  • Parent has setup subscriber filters for each company
  • Store BU has Unsubscribed from BU-only setting
  • The Store BU uses data extensions to send and does a list-level unsubscribe
  • Ted is a subscriber in the Store, and Online BU and therefore his email address will appear in the Parent, Company A, Store and Online
  • Ted unsubscribes from all from the Store BU

Where will Ted’s status be changed?

Answer: Because the parent company setup each BU with the unsubscribe from BU only setting.  Ted’s status will be unsubscribed from the Store BU only.

What are the three ways to import data?

  1. Import Wizard – step by step guide to import data
  2. Import Activity – definition which can be saved to be used again
  3. Via API – execute an import programmatically

Import Scenarios

NTO is collecting data on customers that abandon their cart.  The data file is prepared on a nightly basis and will be used to send out emails for the following day.  The marketing team would like to create and manage the abandon cart automation.  What import method should be used?

Answer: The Import Activity


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