Marketing Automation

This section will focus on the various automation tools and their use in the Email Application

Objectives (Weight: 5%)

  • Given a scenario, explain which automation tool to use
  • Describe the capabilities of Automation Studio

What are the four automation tools and what do they do?

  1. Playbooks
    • Playbooks are step-by-step guides for executing digital marketing campaigns throughout the customer life-cycle
    • Simplify your life-cycle marketing efforts
    • Deliver the right content at the right time
    • Create campaigns easily with a step-by-step wizard
    • There are three playbooks available:
      • Welcome Series
      • Birthday Email
      • Customer Anniversary
  2. Triggered Emails
    • A triggered email is a message sent to an individual from an event that happened outside the Marketing Cloud
    • Examples:
      • Shipping Notice
      • Purchase Confirmation
      • Abandon Shopping Cart
      • Welcome Email
  3. Journey Builder
    • Journey Builder is an intuitive one to one marketing engine that allows you to build real-time messages across online and offline channels based on actual customer behaviour
    • Journey Builder can be used to plan, personalize, and optimize any customer life-cycle program
  4. API: Application Program Interface
    • Source code based specifications in order for one computer application to talk to another application

Automation Studio

  • Automation Studio is a drag-and-drop interface which allows you to define a workflow and establish the schedule for the automation of various activities

Name the two types of automations within Automation Studio

  1. Scheduled Automation
    • Use a scheduled automation when you want your automation to start based on a schedule you define, or when you want to run an automation once
  2. Triggered Automation
    • Use a triggered automation when you want your automation to start based on the event of a file being dropped onto your designated enhanced FTP folder

Name four activities that can be automated and explain what the activities can do

  1. Data Extract
    • Gives you the ability to export tracking information or data from a data extension.  This activity also allows you to transform an XML file into a comma delimited, tab delimited or pipe delimited file for you to import into Email application
  2. Filter
    • Applies the data filter to a list or a data extension and places the results in a filtered list or filtered data extensions
  3. Import File
    • Defines the parameters for data to be brought into the Email application
  4. Refresh Group
    • Applies criteria to a list to create a subset of subscribers.  The subset is called a Group
  5. Report Definition
  6. SMS Activity
  7. SQL Query
    • Takes the SQL statement and applies it to the specified data extension.  The records meeting the criteria are placed in a results data extension
  8. Send Email
    • Allows you to choose a User Initiated Email definition to execute or allows you to define the parameters for the send using the Send Activity
  9. Transfer File
    • Allows you to de-encrypt or unzip a file or to take that file that has been extracted and place it on the FTP location
  10. Wait
    • Allows you to wait for a specific duration or until a specific time before performing the next step

Name three repeat options when defining a schedule

  • A scheduled automation can repeat:
    • None (run once)
    • Hourly
    • Daily
    • Weekdays
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Yearly

When can a scheduled automation end?

  • The options for when a scheduled automation can end are:
    • Never
    • After a certain amount of occurrences
    • On date

Activity Tab

  • The activity tab in automation studio shows the health of the automation as well as when then the automation has run

Automation Scenario

NTO wants to automate the importing of an encrypted file.  What would the workflow be?

A) Step 1: Import Activity – Step 2: Data Extract

B) Step 1: Transfer File and Import Activity

C) Step 1: Transfer File – Step 2: Import Activity

D) Step 1: Data Extract – Transfer File

Correct Answer: C

The Marketing Department at NTO wants to send automated emails to notify subscribers when items on their wish list are on sale.  The data required for segmentation resides in two data extensions; Wish List and On Sale and will be updated nightly.  There are over 1 million records in the Wish List data extension.  Emails will be sent at 9:00 a.m. the next morning.  What is the workflow for the automation?

Correct Answer:

The automation workflow would kick off nightly and import the data.  Once the data was imported the segment would be refreshed using the query activity.  The automation would then be paused until 9:00 a.m. at which time the emails will be sent.






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