Email Message Design

This section will focus on email design best practices, tools to prepare, send and test an email, and approvals.

Objectives (Weight: 15%)

  • Describe email design best practices
  • Explain how to create an email using Responsive Design in the email application
  • Explain A/B testing best practices to test different email elements to drive results
  • Describe the available tools to prepare and send an email
  • Explain how approvals work in the Email application

List 6 email design best practices

  1. Design for the Top 600 Pixels by three inches
  2. Make links look like links
  3. Minimize the use of images.  This will help with deliverability and decrease download time when opening an email.
  4. Minimize copy and text
  5. Make it easy to unsubscribe
  6. Personalize subject lines and email content (Increases engagement)
  7. Avoid using CSS
  8. Minimize the use of spam words
  9. Always test
  10. Use an optimized subject line
  11. Take advantage of pre-header space
  12. Use a trustworthy and recognizable from name
  13. Make sure content is relevant and use content hierarchy
  14. Optimize for images-off viewing
  15. Make email actionable in any environment
    1. Enlarge fonts
    2. Use a simple layout
    3. Streamline content
    4. Scale-able to all devices
  16. Clear call to action

What is the difference between Responsive Design and Mobile Aware?

Mobile Aware

  • Uses design-only tactics, making simple improvements to enhance both the desktop and mobile experience
  • The goal is to create a single, mobile-friendly layout that works well in all viewing environments
  • Mobile-aware three key elements:
    • Employing a single-column layout (Mobile Optimized Templates)
    • Using large text, images and buttons
    • Spacing out links and buttons-including those in navigation, social and administrative bars-so they can be accurately tapped

Responsive Design

  • Advanced techniques that serve up versions or renderings of an email that are optimized for particular screen resolutions or email clients
  • Responsive design involves extra email design and coding and often the creation of two or more versions of an email

Explain the A/B testing tool capabilities?

  • Used to market test two versions of an email to two audiences
  • A/B testing automatically splits audiences, calculates winner, and can send winner to remainder
  • The winner is calculated based on the highest unique opens or highest click-through rates

Perform A/B Testing on:

  • Subject lines
  • Emails
  • Content Areas
  • From Names
  • Send Date and Time
  • Pre-headers

Name the four testing tools and explain what each tool does

  1. Content Detective
    • Spam-filtering software to identify words, phrases and patterns that are likely to trigger filters
    • Finds potential problems and suggests solutions
    • Does not scan HTML code to make sure it’s written correctly
  2. Validation
    • The validation tool will confirm:
      • Correct field syntax
      • Content and data being used for Dynamic Content rules are built correctly
      • Guide Template Language and AMPScript is properly written
      • Validates for required elements:
        • Unsubscribe link
        • Physical mailing address
  3. Send Preview
    • A tool that allows you to see how your email will render with:
      • Personalization strings populated
      • Dynamic Content displaying content based on subscriber data
      • Guided Template Language and AMPScript will be executed and the data will be displayed or content will be rendered
  4. Test Send
    • Simple way to send a test email to yourself and others
    • Allows you to see how content will render
    • Send up to 5 email addresses at once
    • Personalization does not populate
    • Dynamic Content displays default content
    • Guide Template Language and AMPScript code is displayed

Email Approval Process

A feature in the email application:

  • where the end user is able to submit a created email for approval before sending
  • needs to be enabled by an Administrator

An email can have three different states during the email approval process:

  1. Pending
  2. Approved
  3. Declined


  1. After unsubscribing from a publication list a subscriber can be re-subscribed in this way
    • Manual
  2. Subscriber status(es)
    • Active
    • Bounced
    • Undeliverable/held
    • Unsubscribed
  3. When associating a publication list to a send, if the subscriber’s email address does not exist on the publication list, what happens?
    • The email address is added to the list and the status becomes active
  4. When a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from a subscriber list or is marked unsubscribed on a publication list
    • List level unsubscribe
  5. Unique identifier
    • This can only exist one time and all data about an individual subscriber is stored based on this
  6. When creating a business unit in an enterprise account, what are the unsubscribe settings?
    • Business unit and Enterprise level
  7. Where can a subscriber go to update their personal information?
    • Profile center
  8. Elements of an effective email
    1. Recognizable and consistent sender name, design to render on a wide variety of devices, call clear to action
  9. Feature in the email application when the end user is able to submit a created email for approval before sending.  It needs to be enabled by?
    • An Administrator
  10. This/These feature(s) give(s) the ability to test differences in emails and determines which version performs best
    • A/B Testing
  11. Email address in sendable data extension
    • When sending to subscribers on a sendable data extension, if the subscriber does not exist in all subscribers, what email address is used?
  12. When sending to subscribers on sendable data extensions, if the subscriber exists in all subscribers, what email address is used?
    • All subscribers email address
  13. Global unsubscribe
    • An event that occurs when a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from every email sent from the Marketing Cloud
  14. Which capability/capabilities exclude(s) or suppresses specified email addresses?
    • Guided or User-initiated send
  15. A/B Testing allows users to test these elements
    • Subject lines, emails, send dates/times, content areas, from name
  16. When a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from every email sent from your company
    • Master unsubscribe




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