Email Message Best Practices

This section focuses on elements that make an email message effective and improve deliverability, legal compliance guidelines, subscriber acquisition methods, and best practices when interacting with subscribers.

Objectives (Weight: 12%)

  • Identify the elements that make an email message effective
  • Describe global legal compliance guidelines
  • Identify ways to improve deliverability
  • Explain acquisition methods to allow potential subscribers to opt-in
  • Identify best practices for interacting with potential and active subscribers

Elements of an Effective Email Message

  • Subject Line
    • Keep it short and sweet
      • keep under 50 characters to keep ISP provides from truncating them
    • Show your style
    • Use A/B Testing
  • Make your emails more relevant
    • Personalization
      • Personalizing customer experiences is creating relationships with subscribers
    • Dynamic content
  • Call-To-Action
    • Should be direct and action focused
    • Shop now and view details are great to use
    • Avoid click here or download here

What are six CAN-SPAM requirements?

  1. Accurately identify the sender in the header information
  2. Use a subject line that accurately represents the content of the email
  3. Identify the message as an advertisement, unless you have express consent (opt-in) from the subscriber
  4. Include your physical mailing address
  5. Each email must provide a mechanism to opt-out.  You cannot require a subscriber to log-in or visit more than a single page to unsubscribe
  6. Companies must honor opt-out requests promptly.  You must process an unsubscribe request within 10 days, and your unsubscribe mechanism must be operational for at least 30 days after the mailing

What can be done to improve deliverability?

  • Ensure that all subscribers on your lists have given you permission
  • Deal with bounce rates greater than 20%
  • Ensure that your subscribers recognize your email is from you by adding the name of your organization to the subject line
  • Recognizable From Name and Address
  • Purge old or inactive addresses on a regular basis
  • Manage frequency and content
  • Authenticate your email to avoid bulk folder
    • Domain Keys
    • Sender ID
    • SPF: Sender Policy Framework

Name a few methods that allow potential subscribers to opt-in

  • Website signup
    • Pop ups or Form
    • Single Opt In versus Double Opt In
  • Facebook
  • Mobile Opt-In
  • Stores
  • Customer Service

Best Practices When Interacting with Subscribers

  • Opt-in practices
    • Don’t force people to subscribe
    • Make email signup form/links prominent
    • Keep the opt in form short
  • Incentives
    • Avoid overly rich signup incentives
    • Deliver incentives to email address provided.  This will protect the quality of the lists
  • Onboarding
    • Use signup confirmation page as “pre-welcome message” to engage subscribers
    • Send a welcome email immediately in order to avoid spam complaints
    • Send a series of welcome emails.  By sending a series of emails, you can engage subscribers and deepening the relationship

Content Best Practices

  • Number of emails
    • Set expectations on the number of emails that will be sent to subscribers
  • Content
    • Convey message when images are blocked
    • Design with a clear and content hierarchy
    • Keep most important content above the fold
  • Personalization Messages
    • Use personalization and dynamic content
      • Increases subscriber engagement
    • Good default content
  • Value proposition
    • Simple and clear




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