External Email Integrations

This section will provide information around API’s and the Marketing Cloud Connector. Objectives (Weight: 1%) Identify where to find information or help on APIs and the Marketing Cloud Connector Marketing Cloud Connect It’s important to understand that Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud and marketing cloud are integrated With Marketing Cloud Connect, you can segment data… Read More

Tracking and Reporting

This section will focus on explaining email analytics terminology, analyzing individual email performance and will describe the reporting functionality and capabilities via scenarios. Objectives (Weight: 7%) Explain email analytics terminology. Analyze individual email performance Given a scenario, describe the reporting functionality and capabilities Analyze the Results Once an email has been sent, metrics on how… Read More

Subscriber and Data Management Part 1

This section describes the differences between lists and data extensions and the settings of each.  It also describes the profile center, and relationships between primary key, subscriber key, send relationships and subscribers. Objectives (Weight: 42%) Compare and contract lists and data extensions, describe when to use them Describe profile attributes, including Preview Profile Center Given… Read More