Marketing Cloud Studios & Builders

Studios How it rocks marketing… Email Studio Create 1-to-1 customer journeys with personalized email marketing at scale. Mobile Studio Reach customers via SMS, MMS, and Group Messaging regardless of location. Social Studio Listen, publish, engage, and analyze customers’ conversations on social media. Advertising Studio Power 1-to-1 advertising. Web Studio Create personalized website and landing pages,… Read More

Getting Started with Marketing Cloud Quiz

What are the three major components of Marketing Cloud? Clouds, products, and channels Builders, channels, and platforms Websites, Marketing Cloud Connect and Mobile Studios, Builders and Marketing Cloud Connect With Marketing Cloud you can connect with your customers through? Email, text messages and social media Television and radio Websites and television Email Only Which of… Read More

Reports 101

Reports Tool The reports tool is an easy to use data analytics tool which delivers a greater perspective across all channels and provides additional insight into what’s happening with your digital communications Allows you to monitor multiple campaigns and their success Delivers real time detailed results You can choose the reporting types that best fit… Read More